Case Study

One furniture manufacturer manufactured parts in disparate locations, and assembles them in another different location. For this reason, their color consistency is key. Otherwise when the parts come together, they will not match, and the finished product will be rejected. Color matching and consistency have always been at the core of Trimite as a business. For his reason this furniture manufacturer uses Trimite Powder Coatings for peace of mind when they assemble the final part.

The range of finishes available to this furniture manufacturer from Trimite including leatherettes or ‘textured rivers’, is un-paralleled. This gives designers the opportunity to develop market leading cutting edge products. The quick turnaround capabilities of Trimite Powders for smaller prototype runs, is key to allowing this company to launch new products.

One furniture product required for this customer was a translucent top coat. The stability of finish, even at varied film builds, has made a once tricky product to produce relatively routine.

Peter Owens (Development Manager) said, “The over all level of support I get from Trimite Powders Inc. is incredible. They are always there to help.”