Special Finishes

Trimite Powders Inc. are committed to supplementing its already unrivaled product range with specialty powder coating finishes.

Finishes Include:

Automotive Style Metallic Powder Coatings

  • Combines the deep rich metallic quality commonly found using two coat - silver basecoat / candy topcoat without variation in color associated with such systems.

  • Automotive like deep rich metallic appearance across a wide range of film builds

  • Bonded for excellent application properties

Non-Skid & High-Slip Clear Smooth Powder Coatings

  • Applied directly onto metal or over a colored basecoat to confer a smooth, easily cleanable non-skid coating.

  • Non-skid effect - particularly when wet. Upto 2.5 times more friction than a standard powder coating.

  • Clear - can be used as a topcoat over colored basecoat

  • Smooth - will not pick up dirt like a conventional non-skid gritty coating would.

Wrinkle Finish Powder Coatings

  • Consistent wrinkle-type finish across broad range of film thickness.

  • Extremely resistant to starbursting and variations in gloss particularly at edges and around holes.

  • Exceptional transfer efficiency, particularly in difficult to reach areas e.g. deep recesses, corners, hinges etc.

One Coat Exterior Silver Metallic Powder Coating

  • Developed to give an aluminum appearance without the need for a protective clearcoat
  • Superdurable Polyester finish
  • Stainless Steel flakes selected to give minimal tarnishing in exterior conditions

Trimite Dye Sublimation Coatings

  • Excellent ink clarity
  • Transfer paper easily removed from coated surface

Trimite Powders Inc. are specialists in high quality powder coatings for industry. Our products are manufactured to be cost efficient for the end user and to have excellent durability, corrosion and chemical resistance and are available in a limitless range of colors & finishes.

If the finish you require is not above, please contact us as we can match to your specific requirements.