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Tyres test for Team Trimite

Team Trimite headed to Donington Park on 30th November for further tyre testing and a driver test with Jim Brodie and Adam Wilcox to establish how the new Avon tyres performed and to set a benchmark lap time. For most of the day the team battled against the weather and a crowded session to allow Adam to set a time. Eventually after the lunch break and a respite from the rain Adam was able to try out the slicks and set a 1.10:88. To put this time in perspective, Nigel Greensall's fastest lap from the race meeting earlier in 2007 was a 1.11:76; an improvement of almost a second is a very significant step forward at this early stage of our winter development program.

With tyre development work concluded the car was turned over to Jim Brodie, another prospect for 2008. Jim struggled in the cold, damp conditions to put in a quick lap, but he settled into the characteristics of the car quite well. In his third session of the afternoon times were improving by over two seconds each lap when Jim radioed to the pit wall that he was off track and stuck after an incident with another car. An agonising fifteen minutes passed while the session was stopped and we waited for the car to be brought back.

A collision at over 150mph into the barrier resulted in the car being seriously damaged. A significant amount of damage had been sustained to the rear and right hand side of the car from a heavy impact with the barrier. Obvious breakages included the rear suspension, two alloy wheels and each panel along the right hand side.

Despite this terrible set back, the team have a lot of positive developments to take away from the testing sessions. Discussions are going well for the 2008 driver line up and we have a lot of development work to take the car forwards once it is rebuilt.

Although Jim was badly shaken from the shunt it was nothing compared to the damage the owner did to him whilst the team held him down !!

Good job we have plenty of paint……we are going to need it !