Polyester Powder Coating Wrinkle Finish


Trimite’s Polyester Wrinkle coatings produce an extremely consistent wrinkle finish across a broad range of metal types, oven profiles and film thickness variations.


Trimite’s Polyester Wrinkle coatings can be applied at a wide range of film builds maintaining uniform color.


  • Consistent wrinkle-type finish across broad range of film thickness.

  • Extremely resistant to starbursting and variations in gloss particularly at edges and around holes.

  • Exceptional transfer efficiency, particularly in difficult to reach areas e.g. deep recesses, corners, hinges etc.

  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications

  • Recoatable, reclaimable

  • Superb chemical resistance - resistant to most household, garage and industrial chemicals

  • Can be developed into a fine or coarse wrinkle pattern

  • Low bake capabilities (340°F) can be custom formulated
  • Highly individual and attractive wrinkle finish

  • Suitable for internal and external exposure

  • High durability and wear resistance

  • Can be supplied for Tribo (01PW) or Corona electrostatic application

Typical Uses

  • Sports Equipment

  • Bicycles

  • Toolboxes
  • Furniture

 MSDS   Technical Data Sheet