Trimite Powders Inc.

High Quality Powder Coatings Manufacturer

Trimite Powders Inc.
is renowned for its powder coatings. As a major powder coatings manufacturer, the Company is the recognized leader in its field, manufacturing in the U.S.A. to serve customers both here and throughout the world.

Technologies manufactured include:-

Trimite Limited was founded in 1945 in the United Kingdom. Our founder recognized the need in the industrial coatings market for products, order sizes, service, and quality not satisfied by the large established coatings manufacturers. This vision proved to be correct. Trimite grew steadily over the following years to become "Britain’s Largest Privately Held Coatings Company."

Trimite brought this same philosophy of high quality, flexible order sizes and fast service to America’s powder coatings market in 1991. This approach to powder coating supply proved to be extremely valuable to powder coating users, plagued by unacceptable minimum order requirements and long delivery lead times. Accordingly, Trimite’s powder coating business experienced dramatic growth, continuing to this day.

The Trimite concept of powder coatings supply was accepted eagerly by powder coating users in the U.S. long in need of the availability of custom products delivered quickly in the quantities they required.

The results confirmed that, as in the UK earlier, there existed a substantial market for a powder coatings supplier offering custom colors and products, in flexible batch sizes delivered in a short period of time. No existing powder coatings manufacturer was committed to serving this market.

Trimite Powders, Inc. has experienced steady annual growth since its inception. Early in 1998, the Spartanburg plant was increased to twice its original size. Production capacity is increasing steadily to maintain Trimite’s commitment to our philosophy of offering "The World’s Fastest Powder Service."

A wide range of products is complemented by the extensive offer of special finishes, not only the more traditional Hammers, Spatters, Textures and Wrinkles but more the exotic veined, stone, pewter, multi-colored, marble, crater.

People all over the world can see Trimite products every single day, whether it be through a child’s toy, office furniture, refrigerators or furniture finishes, using a cell phone or just doing up a zipper.

We can help you finish what you start; Talk to Trimite Powders Inc.

TRIMITE POWDERS INC., 5680 North Blackstock Road, SPARTANBURG, SC 29303
Tel: (864) 574 7000 Fax: (864) 587 6152 E-mail: sales@trimiteusa.com

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